Advancing the welfare and quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Through our grantees, the STAR Foundation, Inc. funds not-for-profit organizations serving individuals of all ages who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as those providing support services to their families. Our mission is to fund programs that create opportunities and provide advocacy for individuals to live full lives with independence, freedom of choice and personal growth.

Located in Fairfield County, we fund outcome-based programs that are personalized and focused on community integration and personal independence. We inform and encourage the community to recognize and appreciated the value of all individuals. Our goal is the inclusion of all individuals with disabilities in their communities.

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STARS Above: The Campaign for Our Future

The STAR Foundation has supported and array of life-long individualized services for children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) since 1993 by providing over $2 million in grants to help organizations increase, modify and expand their services to meet the diversity of needs required for each individual. Building on this tradition, The STAR Foundation is preparing for the future to realize our vision of providing funding for renovated facilities, support and training programs for staff, clients and their families and long-term financial sustainability.

With dramatic increases in the prevalence of people impacted by disabilities over the last decade, coupled with the challenges of government funding, we recognize our enhanced responsibility to make significant investments in our mission. Our aspirations are simple, we aim to expand our capacity to improve the quality of life, provide a supportive educational environment, and enable independence for our clients for decades to come.

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